In an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within at-risk populations, the Government extended the Infection Control Fund through June 2021 to include an additional £202.5 million pounds. This funding, created in May 2020, is targeted at the care sector to allow care homes to implement increased cleaning and disinfecting measures.

COVID-19 is most commonly spread through moisture droplets that are released into the air when an infected person breathes, coughs, or sneezes. These moisture droplets can spread the virus if inhaled or if they land on surfaces and a person touches those surfaces and then their mouth or nose. Enclosed spaces, especially poorly ventilated ones, contain these droplets, increasing the risk that the virus will be spread.

This risk of contracting the virus is even higher among the elderly or seriously ill, due to weaker immune systems and more time spent indoors and in close contact with others. Vulnerable groups that spend a lot of time indoors require efficient and innovative approaches to disinfecting spaces to ensure that their risk is kept at a minimum.

Increasing manual disinfection of spaces is timely, cost-inefficient, and is susceptible to human error. In developing the Robot, UVD-Robots and Microstrategies provide an innovative solution for quickly and dependably disinfecting spaces.

As the name – UV Disinfection Robot – suggests, the UVD Robot uses intense UV light to deliver a chemical-free, hospital-grade disinfection. The UVD Robot is controlled via app, wherein a user can load a ‘map’ of a room that needs decontaminating. The Robot can then travel around the room and administer the UV light on all surfaces, eliminating harmful pathogens.

The benefits of such a cleaning are multiform. Because of the ability to operate the Robot with an app and to upload maps of each room in need of disinfection, the UVD Robot requires no face-to-face human contact, further minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19. Furthermore, the Robot cleans more thoroughly and efficiently than a person is able to. The mapping feature allows the Robot to treat every surface in a room without error. Independent testing of the quality of the disinfection provided by the UVD Robot has revealed that the device not only eliminates the bacteria, fungi, and yeast that are targeted in a normal cleaning, but also kills those pathogens that remain even after a manual cleaning.

The result is a level of disinfection users can feel confident in, making the UVD Robot especially suitable for protecting the vulnerable populations in care homes.

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