UVD Robots

What is a UVD Robot?

The UVD Robot is a fully autonomous system delivering fast, chemical free, hospital grade disinfection for offices, hotels, airports, cruise ships, shopping malls and residentials etc. without human interaction. Microstrategies, in partnership with, Danish company UVD Robots, are excited to offer the only disinfection system clinically proven to disinfect effectively while “on the move” to the UK. UVD Robots have developed an innovative product that eradicates harmful pathogens and superbugs reliably and efficiently by integrating proven UVC germicidal industrial solutions with advanced robot technologies. The next generation technology is now available on demand offered by Microstrategies.

Key benefits of using a UVD Robot

Fully Autonomous

With their fully autonomous design, this eliminates the chance for human error when disinfecting and decontaminating your facility / chosen area.

No Shadowing

The UVD Robot is able to reposition itself around shadow-causing objects, resulting in a more complete disinfection of the desired area.

Approved Technology

Independently tested for microbial kill against various bacteria, fungi and yeast- giving you peace of mind that your facility is protected.

Destruction of Resistant pathogens

The device eliminates pathogens that are commonly left after manual cleaning with a 99.999% accuracy.


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